DataTraks Solutions Will Get You Back On Track

Positive Train Control, Railroad Monitoring Systems, Preventive MaintenanceFrom rail buckling to bearing failure, DataTraks creates customized engineering and software solutions to help make your operations safer, more competitive and more reliable. Our solutions for the railroad industry are designed to save you time and money, while lowering your risk of catastrophic derailment. With DataTraks as your partner, you will soon have the capability run more trains faster, safer and more efficiently.

Positive Train Control (PTC).

Problem: We need a way to quickly and cost-effectively implement Positive Train Control (PTC). on our critical lines by 2015.

DataTraks Solution: An experienced team and proven PTC technology

DataTraks is a provider of Positive Train Control (PTC) technology. We are experienced with PTC communication protocols, wireless sensors and monitoring systems and have worked with major railroad operators to develop and implement these systems. DataTraks can help you meet federal PTC requirements quickly and efficiently.


Problem: We keep having derailments due to temperature-related track buckling.

DataTraks Solution: Keep tabs on your rail with the SafeTrak system.

We designed and developed the SafeTrak system to detect changes in neutral temperature on continuously welded rail. Our sensors have the ability to talk to each other down your track, creating a safety net to remotely monitor neutral temperature fluctuations and drift so you can efficiently dispatch crews to problem spots - before they get out of line.

Preventive Maintenance

Problem: We need a reliable way to find and fix potential problems, while reducing our overall maintenance costs.

DataTraks Solution: Detect potential problems with Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques.

We can develop customized monitoring systems to help you find problem areas on your railroadand repair them before a catastrophic failure occurs. By enabling you to target the elements that are close to failure and need attention, DataTraks can help you reduce the amount you spend on more costly general or routine maintenance.