The DataTraks team is experienced in the use of Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques. These tools enable us to analyze or inspect an item or piece of equipment without having to cut it open, and often, without even touching it. Some of the NDE techniques we use include:


Ultrasonic technology provides a quick, economical, non-destructive method for inspecting critical components for metallurgical defects, weld integrities or process quality. DataTraks can help you design and implement ultrasonic systems or automate existing ones. We’re experienced in developing both conventional and unconventional ultrasonic systems for advanced, non-destructive evaluation of materials. Our customized solutions can include everything from the initial system design and prototyping, to software development and implementation.

Laser Ultrasonic Hybrid:

Leading-edge technology for ultrasonic inspection uses a laser control in conjunction with standard ultrasonic transducers, making it possible for sensors to be located further away from the item being monitored, which is ideal for harsh environments. By creating advanced, embedded systems and implementing digital signal processors, DataTraks is able to provide control systems for a variety of applications. This includes control of both optic systems and the laser itself for optimal solutions. This unique DataTraks solution can be customize to suit your needs, whether you need to design laser inspection and measurements solution or implement a laser welding system.

• Cracked Axle Detection System (CADS)

This cutting-edge, ultrasonic transducer-based system is designed to find cracks in railroad axles while the train passes over the detector. The CADS system uses Laser Ultrasonic Hybrid Technology. DataTraks is providing research, software and control system development support as well as data analysis support for this promising new technology.

Thermosonics: This state-of-the-art technology uses ultrasonic and thermal imaging technology to identify material inconsistencies or cracks that are invisible to the human eye.

With this technique, ultrasonic frequencies are used to excite an object creating friction at cracks or inconsistencies in the material. This friction creates heat which can be captured by thermal imaging technology.

At DataTraks, our experienced team will work with you to design and implement a customized solution using thermosonic technology to help identify potential rail line failures before they start.

Acoustic Monitoring: DataTraks is experienced in designing preventative maintenance solutions that incorporate this mainstream technology. This technique is commonly used to monitor systems for any acoustic signatures or patterns that indicate a potential problem or failure.

• Trackside Acoustic Detection System (TADS)

Developed by the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, CO, TADS is used by major railroads all over the world.

This unique system detects defective railroad bearings by monitoring the bearings’ acoustic signature as the train passes the detector. By analyzing these sounds, the system can separate out precisely which bearings or wheels may require replacement. In fact, this sound analysis can even determine which parts of an individual bearing are causing problems.

DataTraks is proud to provide software and algorithm development, as well as installation, integration, and ongoing maintenance services for this project.