About our team

In 1998, DataTraks was founded to help railroad operators make critical decisions regarding the development and maintenance of safe, effective rail systems. Over the years we have successfully provided our customers continuous, efficient, safe and compliant operations.

DataTraks is currently located in Loveland, Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology. We provide solid engineering and software solutions for companies around the world, including the United States, China, Australia, Europe and South Africa. From the beginning, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing a truly unique set of services, combined with an unprecedented attention to detail and consistency in meeting our clients' deadlines.

Because we are a smaller shop, we can move quickly. Our size is one of our biggest strengths because it allows us to be flexible, adaptable and innovative as we implement our smart systems across the globe. This gives you access to the combined expertise of both software developers and engineers working under a single roof. Your DataTraks project manager sticks with you from start to finish. We listen, ask questions and provide interpretation. We focus on you and your specific challenges through dedicated customer support.

Meet the Team

James Bilodeau

  • Business Owner
  • Principal Systems Designer
  • Mechanical Engineering

James Bilodeau plays many roles in the day-to-day life of the company. He's logged plenty of frequent-flyer miles, visiting clients in China, Australia, North America, and Eurpoe. Bilodeau holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin, and a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. He has...

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Kevin Clark

Operations Manager
  • Field Services Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Information Technology Management

Kevin Clark has been with Datatraks since 2009 and holds a degree in Computer Information Systems from Youngstown State University. Kevin is in charge of managing the everyday operations of our field technicians. He is also invloved with software...

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David Gregg

Engineering Technician and Designer
  • Engineering Technician
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Microproccsor System Devleoper

David Gregg started working with Datatraks in 2006. As one of Datatraks longest standing employees he is involved in many projects. He specializes in mechanical systems design and is also an expert at trouble shooting problems in the field. When not at...

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Steve Wiersma

Senior Software Developer
  • Database Development
  • Windows Software Developer
  • Website Developer

Steve Wiersma grew up in northern Colorado. He graduated from CSU with a degree in Computer Science in 2012. He has been working coding applications and maintaining databases for 5 years. During this time he learned how to optimize databases...

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Wayne Rappel

Senior Software Developer
  • Software Engineering
  • Microprocessor System Development
  • LEAN / Agile Development

A native Minnesotan, Wayne Rappel moved to Northern Colorado and earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Colorado State University. Since starting at Datatraks, Wayne has co-spearheaded more transparent software development methods to...

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John (JD) David Ritchey

Mechanical Engineer
  • Engineering Technician
  • Field Services Technician
  • Microprocessor Developement

JD, a Colorado native, is an Engineering Technician at DataTraks. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University and has experience as a Lab Technician and Project Manager at the Engineering Research Center...

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